Embracing New Beginnings, the Former Lamp Liter Space transforms into a modern convention center.

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Venue Overview

Explore our modern convention center and get ready to impress. With 7k sq. ft. of flexible space, stress-free business packages, and our signature bar services, it’s designed to elevate any event.


Effortless Events

From quickly getting a quote to helping you line up popular vendors, our team of event professionals strives to make your event feel like a burden lifted.

Business Packages

Our flexible business packages are designed to keep you from transforming into a full-time event coordinator. 😌

Over 7k Sq. Ft. of Flexible Space

Host unforgettable gatherings, from intimate ceremonies to vibrant parties. This space bends to your vision.

Bar Services

Let our expert bartenders stir up magic behind the bar. From refreshing mocktails to signature cocktails, their artistry elevates every sip and keeps the celebration flowing.



Venue Location

Shape Your Vision.

Check availability The Hyde

Check availability Watermill Grove

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